Ron Miller

Working to Learn


When I was a student in grade school, I couldn't wait for the bell at the break times, for the bell at the end of the day, for the bell marking the beginning of the weekend, and especially for the bell marking the beginning of summer break. Can you relate? This story rings true in many mediocre work environments too. The 'Thank God It's Friday' mentality reigns in these environments. Ironically, this problem can be mitigated by providing education opportunities for your team. When a team makes a paradigm shift from 'working to earn' to 'working to learn', the culture of a business can be transformed from mediocre to great. We just need to forget about education as we know it from grade school; boring! It's up to the leader of the business to provide real world education opportunities in the work environment that are interesting and practical. Learning opportunities that the team is excited about. When a leader creates great education opportunities, it inspires the team members to think beyond their roles at work and gets them thinking about how they can use the skills that they are learning in their life outside of work to possibly start their own business or in future jobs. And ironically, this decreases turnover too. Working to learn is a win-win.