Ron Miller

What I'm doing now


I'm doing a lot less lately. I cleared my calendar of appointments and cleared my email inbox by unsubscribing. I'm spending my time playing with my kids, reading and taking long walks. Or just sitting.


I'm simplifying by reducing mental and physical clutter. I'm creating an environment that is more conducive to doing less. I'm removing things from my space that I don't use and either donating them, throwing them away or putting them in storage.

Apartment Stabilization

The apartment building we've been working on is nearing completion and I will be working on refinancing soon.

Husband and Dad Stuff

Our family grew by one this month and so I get to hang out with my daughter a lot. It's so exciting to have her in the outside world now and connecting with her and my family.

This page was last updated on March 25, 2019.