Ron Miller

About Me


1987 - 2005: Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Growing up I played outside a lot skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding, fly fishing, hiking, car camping, poaching hot tubs, sledding etc. My friends and I played poker, and hung out in parking lots until we were old enough to have our own living rooms to hang out in.

2006 - 2009: Attended and graduated college at University of Wyoming with a degree in Business Finance. During and after college, I to worked in my dad's businesses Jackson Hole Reservations and Jackson Hole Real Estate Company

2010 - 2014: Got married to my beautiful bride Kristy and moved to Ashland in Southern Oregon. Kris and I hiked in the woods with our dogs, rode our bikes around town, drove out to the coast to play in the Ocean, and got into practicing yoga. We started investing in multi-family real estate by buying a house with a mother-in-law cottage in the back to rent and fixed up the main house while living in it.

2015-2016: We decided to leave Ashland to start Laura Lee Farms®, a hydroponic greenhouse farm in Bliss, ID. We got the business started and then decided that this particular farming business was not going to work for us. We left the business with my Dad to carry forward. Kristy and I wanted to focus our time on starting a family and investing in multi-family real estate.

2017 - 2019: Moved to Boise, ID and had two babies. Boise's a great place for us right now. It's super family friendly. We enjoy hanging out at home, walking the streets, eating out, and going to parks.

See my now page for more on what I'm currently up to.

What I care most about

What I do for work

Bookkeeping & Business Development - Grand Teton Ventures, LLC

I work as a bookkeeper and consultant for my Dad's businesses in Jackson Hole Wyoming. The businesses are in the vacation rental industry. Jackson Hole Real Estate Company is a real estate sales and vacation rental property management company. Jackson Hole Reservations is a central reservations hub for visitors to book lodging and activities for their trip to Jackson Hole. And Miller Park Lodge is a quaint fifteen room lodge located two blocks off of Jackson's iconic Town Square and Cowboy Bar.

Real Estate Investing

I caught the real estate bug and invest in older multiple family dwellings. My wife and I are also interested in vacation rental property.

Things I'm good at

• giving presentations • selling anything • seeing the bright side of things • teaching • training • being an accountabilibuddy • yoga • qigong • basic computer operations • networking with other people • skiing • snowboarding • skateboarding • being a dad • being a husband • being a friend • listening • problem solving • physical labor • business development • tax strategy • analyzing real estate investments • starting and building a fire • numbers and data • bookkeeping • seeing and covering details • staging vacation rentals • reading financial statements • reading books • really good at cooking eggs and pretty good at cooking other things

Education, Seminars, Workshops, Retreats, Networks, & Achievements

Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance; University of Wyoming
Rich Dad Coaching
WealthAbility U Course Completions - Tom Wheelwright
The Due Diligence Process Seminar - The Real Estate Guys
Summit at Sea - The Real Estate Guys
Secrets of Successful Syndication Seminar - The Real Estate Guys
Yoga & Inquiry Weekend with Natalie Stawski & Kyle Mercer
This was an amazing opportunity to learn about yoga, creating sanctuary, and reducing mental and emotional interferences. Natalie and Kyle are two of my favorite people to hang out with so this workshop was an honor to be a part of.
Yoga Retreat in Maui with Natalie Stawski
Bestselling author on Amazon - Mom & Dadpreneurs: Stories, Strategies and Tips From Super Achievers in Family & Business
Brian Tracy Success Mastery Academy Seminar
Red Pill Expo - G. Edward Griffin
The Red Pill Expo is about revealing the TRUTH. Hear from leading experts in health care, finance, climate science, globalization, and politics.
From Chaos to Coherence: The Power To Thrive In Life's Extremes Seminar - Gregg Braden & Howard Martin
A program to awaken the extraordinary human potential revealed by recent state-of-the-art discoveries! This is a heart-based journey designed to address current world events, as well as big shifts in our personal lives, and how to make those shifts in a healthy way. Howard and Gregg will address resilience on both a personal level, expanding to a social and community level.
Competent Communicator; Toastmasters International
Kyle Wilson Inner Circle Mastermind

Things I'm stoked about right now

• art• yoga • joy • paradigm shifts • thinking • books • intellectual journeys • energy • reflections • journaling • meditation • creation • music • circles • community • being present • questioning everything • being, me • qigong • love • flow • empowerment • walking • dancing • playing • children • consciousness • crafting experiences

Activities and hobbies that I enjoy

Fresh mountain air or a cold beach's sand waiting for the morning sunrise are my happy places. The sounds of wilderness take me to a place of inner peace. I also enjoy spending time with my friends talking, or playing.

Some of my favorite activities and hobbies include: • camping • hiking • reading • riding bikes • picnicking • watching musical theater • canoeing • fishing • drinking craft beer • journaling • cooking • gardening • chess • skateboarding • eating out • sledding • watching funny movies or television shows

BIG gratitude for these people for propelling me forward in life

• Ron & Laura Miller • Kris, Hugh & Penelope Miller • Sky Denton • Marina Suholutsky • Natalie Stawski • Kristi Denton • Seth Godin • Tom Wheelwright • Robert Kiyosaki • Kim Kiyosaki • Kyle Mercer • Robert Helms • Russell Gray • Dr. Shefali Tsabary • Derek Sivers • Kyle Wilson • Kyle Cease • Lee Holden • Gregg Braden • Chris Martenson • Adam Taggart • Joel Salatin • Ken McElroy • Tim Ferriss • Brian Tracy • Jim Rohn • Mike Maloney • Patrick Donahoe •

Music I've been listening to

Here are my most recent 200 liked songs on YouTube :) - or go to full the playlist

Yet to explore

• Float the Grand Canyon • Visit Singapore • Visit Polyface Farm in Swope, VA • Visit Iguazu Falls in Argentina • Hear Norah Jones live • Yoga retreat in Bali • Amphitheater Lake • Bone Fishing in The Bahamas