Ron Miller

About Me


1987: born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

1989: learned to ski

2006: started working in my dad's real estate and property management businesses

2006: started college at University of Wyoming

2008: decided I wanted to be a professional investor after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

2009: discovered my love for reading and learning outside of the classroom

2009: graduated College at University of Wyoming with a degree in Business Finance

2011: married my amazing wife and moved to southern Oregon

2012: started practicing yoga and qi gong

2013: purchased first rental property (house we lived in with second unit in back)

2015: moved to Idaho

2017: had a baby

2019: had another baby

2019 to present: see my now page

What I do for work

I invest in Real Estate

I caught the real estate bug in 2008 and invest in older multiple family dwellings. My wife and I are also looking to purchase profitable vacation rental property.

Digital marketing and process/systems creation for, and

I work as a sub-contractor for my dad's businesses in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and am currently working on the following:

Activities and hobbies that I enjoy

Fresh mountain air or a cold beach's sand waiting for the morning sunrise are my happy places. The sounds of wilderness take me to a place of inner peace. I also enjoy spending time around other people in social environments.

Some of my favorite activities and hobbies include: • camping • hiking • reading • riding bikes • picnicking • watching musical theater • canoeing • fishing • drinking craft beer • journaling • cooking • gardening • chess • skateboarding • eating out • sledding • watching funny movies or television shows • basic website design

Things I'm good at

• giving presentations • selling anything • seeing the bright side of things • teaching • training • being an accountabilibuddy • yoga • qi gong • basic computer operations • networking with other people • skiing • snowboarding • skateboarding • being a dad • being a husband • being a friend • listening • problem solving • physical labor • business development • tax strategy • analyzing real estate investments • starting and building a fire • numbers and data • bookkeeping • seeing and covering details • staging vacation rentals • reading financial statements • reading books • really good at cooking eggs and pretty good at cooking other things

Things I have had success in and awards I have received

People who have influenced me greatly (in no particular order)


More random things about me

Favorite Musicians

My Bucket List